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Среда, 23.05.2018, 09:08
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Notes from the Undetground
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El Urgencia

Funny Man:
Six pack in hands
stage dive to the pit
hustle the ladies got gorilla tacticts
I'm creepin through the show
when I'm scanning for hoes
girls got a bag of slippers
wanna do the no note
yeah i'm back to the bus
it's the end of the night
yeah back to the bus
and get out of my life
cuz i got people to see
hoes as freaky as me
i roll it to the after party with by boy charles p
picked up a few friends now i'm dippin with bitches
socked the bitch to my right
i said click it or tick it
girl feeling my ride
now she's getting suspicious.
This a brand new Miata as im hittin them switches.
I walk behind Charlie as he's poppin a wheelie,
I finally made it to the party now he's copping a philly.
See Da Kurlzz out front doing tricks on his Heely's.
Now im finna get down somebody beer me!

So chug this beer with me.
Get drunk with Charlie Scene.
Sense this urgency cuz i aint trying to get drunk alone.
So smoke this joint with me.
Get high off Funnys weed.
Sense this urgency cuz i aint trying to get high alone!

Charlie Scene:
I roll up to the party in my Honda,
Funny follw me in his Mazda Miata.
Damn what a balla, top down what a prima donna.
The spinners that he bought us, straight out of Autozone for 30 dollas.
Money we have nada. Lets go inside, i'll folla.
They didnt let us in so we hopped a wall but i dropped ya,
thats when i lost ya, i didnt try to call ya.
I ran into a crowd of celebrities and papa-razzi and they shot up pictures of me and Dennis Hopper.
Now i need a docta, your little jon ya.
Crunk juice and Vodka is turning me into a monsta.
One more shot and im a goner (But Charlies here to flop ya, stick your dick in the sauca)
i dont want no drama, id rather have my annoconda deep throated by piranhas.

So take these pills with me.
Got em from J-D-O-G.
Sence this urgency cuz i dont wanna get high alone.
So take this ecstacy.
They must be J3T's.
Since this urgency, cuz i aint trying to get down alone!

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